About Us

Welcome to Million Link Partners – a real-time resource and web publication to answer all your SEO questions.


On our team we have 5 industry panelists with 14 years of experience in white hat SEO practices. With this site we aim to educate those not familiar with SEO and collaborate with industry leaders who can help newbies out there.



Our vision for this site came into full bloom when the founder, Sean Porter, continuously came across situations where agencies and clients had a very poor understanding of SEO and what the correct application of it meant. In came Million Link Partners, a unified platform for anybody interested or working in the field of SEO, aiming to educate and discuss real-time industry events and news.


As we all know, SEO is not a static field, and changes rapidly. Search Engines are developed to be smarter, and therefore our SEO efforts should be brilliant in order for us to be winners at applying it. Here at Million Link Partners we’ll share high quality content that is relevant to those working in content marketing, web development and web design.


Join us as we conquer the battlefield and blast away any incorrect myths on the way.