5 Easy to Follow Tips to Win With SEO

Getting a higher Google or SERP ranking is difficult, right? Especially if you have no idea where to begin! Don’t you worry, no need to fret! We’ll guide you through 5 very simple-to-follow tips that you’ll be able to implement straight away and get your website working for you!


#1 Keywords Crow King

No, we don’t mean stuff everything with a random keyword. Choose a relevant keyword and stick to it. Use it in your headers, in your content and your url’s. Remember, it should still read naturally and not sound as if you intend to put a keyword in after every second word. Keep it natural but use it wisely.


#2 Create High-Quality Content

If you are not a writer, hire one. But the importance of publishing content that is unique and useful will get you everywhere. Keep it natural and remember to use some of your keywords here and there and you should be good to go. We can’t stress the importance of quality over quantity enough.


#3 Have a Look at The Competition

A little bit of research can go a long way. And you won’t be all alone, there are plenty of handy tools you can use to see what is working in your specific industry and what won’t perform as good.


#4 Use Internal AND External Linking

That’s right, the one is as important as the other. Be sure to have internal links on your site that guide users to other pages within your site, but also link to other sites with similar content that would be relevant to your field and industry.


#5 Indexing Plays a Role Too

SERPS need to be able to pick your site up. Those little bugs that crawl, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them. If they can’t crawl your site, it won’t be indexed, and it is very unlikely for your site to be ranked on a SERP at all.

We hope these easy tips will help you along your journey on finding ways to improve your ranking and overall visibility of your site. Remember to keep your site natural and easy to use, with speedy loading times, and you should be fine!

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